Sold seperately, these self contained units are made to fit one or both sides of your bed
4 Standard UBD Pack Formations (made to size to fit your choice of bed)
3 & 4 Drawer Packs:
Suited to more conventional height beds
7 Drawer Packs & 6 Drawer (split) Packs:
Ideally suited to our higher beds
(split packs for where access may be an issue)
Available in 'Rustic' or 'Smooth' Pine (Oak versions can be quoted for):
Rustic UBDs (Quebec Yellow Pine):
Waxed finish to match all of our rustic beds
Smooth UBDs (Redwood Pine):
To match smoother beds & allows lacquered & painted finishes
For Existing Beds....

Simply supply the dimensions of the space available under your bed frame.

If you want 2 UBDs to meet back-to-back under your bed, you will also need to provide us with the overall width of your bed frame (or mattress size)

Bespoke & Adjusted Bed Designs....

Adjusted & Alternative bed designs are often produced, to help conceal the UBDs at the foot end of the bed.
(These are quoted for as required)