Established 1976

Faux Leathers (+£40/chair)


Highest quality 'Sunbury Design' faux leathers, are suitable for severe contract use.

FR backcoated to BS5852 CRIB 5


'San Remo' fauxs have a slight sheen, while 'San Diego' fauxs have a flat matt finish.

All colours shown are only representative and may be subject to slight variation

'San Remo Lapaz 5306'

'San Diego 5806'


San Remo Moonriver 5309



San Remo Hazelnut 5310



San Remo Lapaz 5306



San Remo Orchid 5305



San Remo Rainforest 5307



San Remo Raven 5303



San Remo Rosti 5308



San Remo Ruby 5321



San Remo Russett 5301



San Remo Spice 5302



San Diego 5801



San Diego 5802



San Diego 5803



San Diego 5804



San Diego 5805



San Diego 5806



San Diego 5807



San Diego 5808



San Diego 5809



San Diego 5831